Windows Install Help

If you see the following error messages after install

It is most likely that you do not have Java installed, which is a prerequisite for our applications.

errors on windows after install

Step 1: Check if Java is installed on your computer

Open "Command Prompt"

open command prompt

Step 2: type the following command

echo %JAVA_HOME%

If you have Java installed you will see a path to its directory printed after hitting enter

check if java is installed by typing java -version

Step 3: Set JAVA_HOME as a system variable

by setting this variable it tells your computer where applications like ours where to find the libraries it depends on.

how to set java home in your system variable

Step 4: Click on the "Environment Variables..." button

Select JAVA_HOME in the window that appears. While selected click the "Edit..." button to update the variable.

then enter in the path where java is installed. We have included it in the Template Installers directory

<The Install Directory>/Einkpads Template Installer/2.3.0/runtime

Once you have verified that you have entered the correct path, click the "Ok" button. In the dialog titled "Edit System Variable" shown above.

Step 5: Append the newly created "JAVA_HOME" variable to the "Path" system variable

click on the "New" button and enter in the following text in the empty row that appears at the bottom of the list.


Once you are done click the "Ok" button

Close out all of the Advanced System Settings by clicking the "Ok" button in each of the related dialogs.

Step 6: Verify if "JAVA_HOME" is set

Just like in step 1 you will need to open the "Command Prompt" and enter in the following commands

java -version

This will display the version of java that is installed. If nothing appears or you get a message saying that it does not understand the command, then java is not installed correctly and you need to verify that you followed each of the steps correctly

echo %JAVA_HOME%

This should print out the path to where Java is installed, and display what you set previously.

Step 7: Launch the Einkpads Template Installer

If all is well the app should launch. If you are still getting error messages on the startup of the app double check that you followed all of the necessary steps correctly.